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Homegrown, Homemade from Hardwood Haven

Fresh baked bread,Pound Cakes and dessert.

I also sell duck and chicken eggs. You can order at $5.00 for loaf size $15.00 for large Bundt. Chicken eggs are $3.00 duck are $6.00 a dozen.

I can make most any dessert that you crave but here are some ideas:

Banana walnut
Zucchini bread
Sour cream pound cake
Cherry Amaretto pound
Peanut butter pound
Kahlua tiramisu pound
Peach pound
Strawberry buttermilk bread
Jalapeno buttermilk cheddar
Lemon sour cream pound
Apple fritter bread
Orange ricotta pound
Avocado ricotta pound
Red velvet pound
Mint Julep pound(derby day)
Cannoli pound
Apple cranberry pecan Bundt
Dulce de leche Bundt
Cranberry rum raisin tea bread
Dakota bread
Sourdough bread
Butternut squash sandwich bread
Raisin bread
Amish milk white bread
You can order at
Thank you so much.
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