Plenty Raven Feathers

Date: June 01 - Aug 08, 2019
My name is Plenty Raven Feathers—my shop is my namesake. I was given this name by an elder. It means that the medicine of the Raven will always be plenty within me and will become plenty in the lives of the people I am able to touch.

I received my call around 2016 and many lessons and teachings have filled my life since, all from guiding spirits. As a Shaman, it is my duty to be a messenger between this world and that of the spirits.

My shop and my business are a reflection of my calling--all of the things that I craft I put my heart and spirit into; my amulets are specifically blessed in ceremony either beforehand or in person. Everything I make is intended to not just be a work of art but a sacred piece that will be cherished and treasured for the spiritual power, protection, and movement they bring to their owner(s).

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