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Truffles Vein Specialists

Date: Apr 01, 2021
Medical Vein Treatment, Truffles Vein Specialists evaluates and treats patients experiencing leg pain, swelling, fatigue, aching, heaviness, RLS, itching, Burning, skin discoloration, bleeding veins, skin ulceration, varicose veins and spider veins.

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Meet the Business Owner

Paul D. Feldman is the founder and Owner of Truffles Vein Specialists He has 24 years of experience in Plastic Surgery and vein treatment and is registered in Vascular Interpretation. Dr. Feldman's interest in vein treatment and care started when he performed cosmetic sclerotherapy in his MedSpa and found that many patients did not receive the relief they needed due to an underlying venous disease. To better serve his patients Dr. Feldman started on his journey in becoming a vein specialists. Dr. Feldman has highly skilled group of specialists to assist in your vein diagnosis, care, and treatment . His approach to vein care includes endovenous ablation, ultrasound sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy and when necessary micro-phlebectomy.

Dr. Feldman's team of specialists have created a systematic approach that includes unparalleled diagnosis, top notch diagnostic ultrasound and improved processes to insure timely treatment.

Dr. Paul Feldman was one of the first vein specialists in the south to perform the VenaSeal procedure. Medtronic the maker of VenaSeal hand picked the specialists that it felt had the experience and ability to perform this premium vein treatment.

What sets Dr. Feldman apart from other vein doctors? For one he has training as a general surgeon and as a plastic surgeon. As a plastic surgeon he understands the desire to "Look and Feel Your Best". While many surgeons and physicians perform vein treatments, very few have the understanding of the medical and cosmetic desire of the vein patient. There is a reason that 1 in 3 of Truffles Vein Specialists patients have received treatment by other physicians, yet have fantastic results when treated by Dr. Feldman and his partners. Expertise, experience, vision and understanding of the disease process all play a role in quality vein treatment. He often says "We complete the treatment", this sounds simple in mind, yet many vein doctors only treat the low hanging fruit and not the disease or the patient.
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