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2023-2025 Strategic Plan

A Glimpse into the Future

Downtown Newnan, a charming hub of unique shops, delightful restaurants, and a warm ambiance, has long been a beloved destination for both locals and visitors alike. However, its popularity has led to a scarcity of available spaces, making it challenging for new businesses to establish themselves in this thriving district. In response to this issue, Main Street Newnan and the Downtown Development Authority have outlined four innovative goals aimed at addressing the demand for more space and ensuring the continued growth and vibrancy of Downtown Newnan.

1. Second Story Activation: Unlocking Hidden Potential

The second story of many downtown buildings often remains underutilized. Main Street Newnan's strategic plan involves conducting a comprehensive inventory of these available spaces. By doing so, they aim to create resources and incentives that encourage businesses to capitalize on this untapped potential. Second Story Activation is not only a solution for additional office spaces but also a catalyst for the growth of the service industry and residential areas within downtown.

2. Development Prep: Unleashing the Eastern Frontier

Recognizing the need for expansion, the focus turns to the eastern side of the downtown district. This area, often referred to as the last "frontier" for development, spans from the 57 E Broad property up to the Public Safety Complex. By being proactive in development preparation, Downtown Newnan aims to unlock new opportunities for businesses, ensuring sustainable growth while maintaining the district's unique character.

3. Volunteer Support: Building a Community of Cheerleaders

To bolster Downtown Newnan's success, a community of cheerleaders and ambassadors is being cultivated. Volunteer support is crucial in creating a positive atmosphere and fostering a sense of community pride. These ambassadors will play a pivotal role in welcoming visitors, promoting local events, and highlighting the district's unique offerings.

4. Experience Economy: Beyond Commercial Businesses

Beyond its commercial establishments, Downtown Newnan possesses a wealth of assets that contribute to its distinct character. Main Street Newnan and the Downtown Development Authority aim to shift the focus towards the 'Experience Economy.' By highlighting the cultural, historical, and recreational aspects of downtown, they intend to create an immersive and memorable experience for both residents and visitors.

Downtown Newnan's commitment to growth is evident in the substantial public and private investments made between 2018 and 2022, totaling over $40 million. Looking ahead, the district is poised to receive an additional $12 million in investments in 2023. These investments not only reflect confidence in Downtown Newnan's potential but also lay the foundation for a flourishing future.

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