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The Friends of Main Street Newnan

The Friends of Main Street Newnan

The Friends of Main Street represent Program Sponsors, Event Sponsors, and individuals or families within our community who are seeking to impact the progression of our downtown by providing a financial contribution. The Friend's of Main Street may choose between two different contribution options as a Patriot of Main Street Newnan, or a Main Street Newnan Sponsor.

As a Patriot of Main Street, any individual, family or organization can contribute toward the development of our downtown program by sending in a one-time gift. In doing so, all Patriots of Main Street will be added to our network, and will receive the same information that is provided to downtown participants, sponsors and Main Street Ambassadors.

Main Street Sponsors bolster our program and provide opportunities to enhance our downtown that would otherwise be out of reach. Sponsorship contributions allows our program to host successful special events, and provide professional assistance to small business owners, create strategic plans for the development of our downtown district, and protect our heritage and cultural identity as a community and to further develop the downtown business portfolio. Sponsors are recognized by our program at every level, and opportunity increases depending on the level of contribution.

Sponsors cannot engage in: solicitation, collection drives, political or religious activities.
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