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2016 Plan of Work

2016 Main Street Newnan Plan of Work

I. Promotion
1. Host approved 2016 MS events
2. Continue to support “I Heart Local” branding for Downtown Newnan and each Main Street Newnan’s Event.
3. Continue to connect all forms of internet promotions
4. Review, evaluate and update MS website and serve as primary contact to web manager
5. Disseminate weekly and monthly updates
6. Publish adopted 2015 Plan of Work on the Main Street website
7. Host National Historic Preservation Month event with NCHS
8. Support partnership with Keep Newnan Beautiful to increase participation in recycling program and enhance environmental integrity around the square.
9. Work alongside Keep Newnan Beautiful to Host Smoke Free Litter Free Events
10. Continue to develop the Main Street Newnan Mobile Website
11. Update the downtown Kiosk in November- December of 2016
12. Continue Main Street Money - downtown gift certificate program
13. Purchase and Create Downtown “Swag” items to give away for indirect marketing

III. Organization
1. Obtain MS certification
o Complete and submit monthly MS reports to DCA
2. Continue to promote participation within the Main Street Newnan program by registering cost free online
3. Assist with building 2015 MS Committee structure
o Recruit/train committee members
4. Maintain & further develop current Internship program
5. Assist with the adoption of MS Program 2015 Operational Budget
6. Review and update MS event registration forms and policies
7. Attend monthly DDA/MS Board Meetings
8. Attend quarterly Statewide Main Street Meetings
9. Further commit to the development of using form building software to create a diverse set of web-based listservs to encourage new downtown partnerships and information outlets.
10. Create and maintain an active web-based downtown business listing that may be used to bolster programming within Main Street Newnan’s 4-point approach.
11. Develop and maintain existing partnerships
o Newnan Coweta Historical Society
o Newnan Coweta Arts Association
o Newnan Cultural Arts Association
o Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors
o Coweta County Convention and Visitors Bureau

III. Design
1. Continue to encourage proper rehabilitation projects by hosting free design review meetings.
2. Continue to enhance and evaluate the design criteria relevant to the Main Street Newnan Façade Grant Program
a. Reference the Commercial Design Guidelines for Downtown Newnan to compliment the Façade Grant Program
b. Adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation when reviewing Façade Grant applications
3. Support Planning and Building departments to encourage proper rehabilitation projects by providing educational material relevant to the City of Newnan’s requirements for the redevelopment of historic properties and design review through the COA process.
4. Support the implementation of displaying public notice for COA application confirmation to be displayed on downtown properties who are undergoing a façade modifications/ improvements.
5. Support the Beautification department to encourage downtown enhancement projects
6. Continue to investigate the potential to improve parking conditions downtown
7. Investigate creating downtown planter program
8. Encouraging sensitive adaptive reuse and rehabilitation projects by assisting property owners who building with historic design planning.
a. Assist property owner with determining the date of construction
b. Assist property owner to create an interpretation plan based on the character of the structure and the surrounding district.
c. Providing relevant historic maps of the structure’s location
d. Providing relevant historic photos of the structure
e. Providing relevant historic photos of Downtown Newnan
f. Assist property owner with balancing the historic character of the structure with the modern needs of the type of businesses that will occupy the property.
9. Work alongside Keep Newnan Beautiful to host design related events and campaigns that support healthy environments

IV. Economic Restructuring
1. Release electronic webcast related to downtown development or small business development that relates to the needs of merchants.
2. Create marketing material to promote financial incentives that are offered for the redevelopment, revitalization or rehabilitation of downtown properties.
3. Create educational material for the real-estate community to provide information about economic incentives related to downtown rehabilitation projects.
4. Continue to develop downtown data and directories
5. Investigate opportunities to promote commercial real estate that is for sale or lease downtown.
6. Continue to work alongside potential business owners to provide temporary and
7. Enhance partnerships with local leasing offices, property managers and the brokerage community
8. Continue to identify and distribute relevant electronic Webinars to downtown businesses through the Georgia Main Street’s You Tube Channel
9. Expand the current budget for the Façade Grant program to encourage sensitive rehabilitation projects

V. Professional Development
1. Attend National Main Street Conference
2. Attend Main Street Manager’s meetings as required by DCA
3. Attend other professional developmental opportunities in economic development.

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